Minimum Requirements

For Local Controllers:

  1. Being able to understand and construct basic English sentences in written and verbal format.
  2. Having valid VATSIM flying hour of 30 or more in record.
  3. Participated 2 or more [international or domestic] online events held by VATROC. Please provide the callsigns in the “VATSIM Experience” section of the application.

For Visiting Controllers:

  1. Listening and Speaking ability of Chinese is a must.

In the meantime, we are developing and assessing the procedures for non Chineses-spoken visitors. You may submit the application with 0 Chinese proficiency. We will contact you after such procedures are available.


You may submit the application anytime. We review all applicants at the end of every month. You may expect to have the follow-ups by the end of the last week.

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