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管制員列表 | ATC List

UID Name Rating
811204 Lee Ming SENIOR INS
813407 Chang Serchen SENIOR INS
811536 Hsia Tai INS
839726 Chung Hsien KAO INS
865185 Cheng Yu-che INS
995723 Liu Chi-cheng CTR
1196302 Tsai Patrick CTR_OJT*
1065234 Tzuhsiang Chao APP
1264529 Lui Cheuk Yin Kelvin TWR
1217289 Shang Ling Tang TWR_OJT*
1275222 Lee Charlotte GND
1294668 Yi Chen Li GND_OJT**
1299644 Yi Tin Chou DEL_OJT

*Solo Operation Validated.


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